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adCenter Certification – Targeting

This blog covers the chapter “Targeting”. The topics included in this post are:

  • Targeting Ads
  • Keyword Match Options
  • Content Ads

Targeting Ads

  • Targeting makes your ad more effective
  • Targeting can be done by geographic location, day of week, time of day, gender and age, device
  • Geographic targeting (in US, Canada, UK, France) includes Country/Region, State/Province, Metro area, Cities/Town
  • In Singapore, it can only done at country level
  • When a country is chosen in geo targeting, the time zone shown will be local to that country
  • Device targeting only applies to search ads
  • Targeting can be set at the campaign level for all ad groups under them. It be overridden by specific targeting for ad groups
  • Incremental bid can on a targeting factor. If you would like your ad to run on all locations on the base bid, you can select the option
  • When you target audience by age and gender, your ads will be displayed to other customers also.

Keyword Match Options

  • Keyword match option exposes your ads to a wider audience and targets your keyword to specific search queries
  • Campaign exclusion helps improve click through rate
  • Keyword match options can be Exact, Phrase or Broad. With negative keywords, you can specify search query words that you want to ignore
  • Broad match: Expose your ads to wide audience

Phrase match: Help prevent your ad from being displayed for irrelevant variations of your keyword clip_image004 Exact match: Precisely match your keyword and lower costs clip_image006 Negative keyword: Use when you know a term does not apply to your business clip_image008 Which match option to choose? By default, MS uses broad match for keywords clip_image010 Negative keywords applied at the ad group level apply to all the keywords in the ad group unless you add negative keywords to specific keywords Website exclusion: To prevent ads from appearing on websites that do not further your advertising goals  

Content Ads

  • Content ads allow you to distribute ads to webpages that display content related to your ads
  • You only page for the clicks you get for content ads
  • Content ads are beneficial to improve your ROI, reach new customers, boost your brand, enhance your existing campaign
  • Content ads can be chosen based on keyword or network/websites
  • You cannot change the bid type once an ad is created.

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